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Anna Kiselyova

Anna Kiselyova is a classical pianist, piano teacher and researcher, a founder and director of Maestro Music Academy and Castleknock Music Festival. Anna frequently performs as a soloist, with vocalists, instrumentalists, chamber groups and orchestras. She appeared in concerts at the National Concert Hall, Hugh Lane Gallery, St.Anns’ Church, St.Brigid’s Church of Castleknock, Carlingford Heritage Centre, Norman Gallery, Townley Hall, Gleeson Theatre (Ireland), Sala Sangiori (Forli, Italy), Haus Blankenheim (Germany), Theatre "Academy of Avvaloranti" (Italy), St. James Cavalier Centre, and Temi Zammit Hall (Malta); and at various venues in Ukraine. She had performed with  many acclaimed musicians: Lynda O’Connor (violin), Ailbhe McDonagh (cello), Elizabeth Cooney (violin), Gerald Peregrine (cello), Julian Milkis (clarinet), Sylvia O’Brien (soprano), Lance Coburn (piano), Grainne Hope (cello), Vourneen Ryan (flute), Lisa McGuinness (soprano), Oleg Ponomarev (violin), Drazen Derek (guitar), Deirdre Duffy (soprano), and others. 
Anna collaborated with Kids Classics in their programme of live concerts presented in children’s hospitals and libraries around Ireland and regularely presented lecture-recitals in the National Library, Dublin. 
Anna has an international educational background, having obtained Bachelor's Degree in Music from Zaporizhzhya National College of Music (Ukraine), LTCL Diploma from Trinity College London and a Master’s Degree from DIT conservatory. In addition, she has attended short courses, workshops, masterclasses and seminars for music educators and performers in Leipzig, Saarbrucken, Aachen (Germany), Valletta (Malta) and Moscow (Russia). Anna organised a number of cultural events dedicated to Rachmaninov's 140th and 150th Annyversaries, Scriabin's 100th and Tchaikovsky 175th anniversaries, New Music for Ireland and others. The events were supported by Arts Council, Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, and OPW, alongside other private contributors. 

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